Nitpicky Jared

To begin, haha.  Check out this.  Obama’s Treasury Secretary pick failed to pay his taxes between 2001 and 2004.  He owes the US government over $34,000.  So much for the crazy long and intense questionaire.  Not a huge deal, just reflective of personal responsibility, ability to obey laws, you know, nothing big.

Next, Obama says he will close Gitmo, the United States’ “controversial” prison at its Guantanomo Bay base in Cuba.  It holds terrorists at a location removed from the United States to prevent a breakout unleashing terrorism onto the home front.  According to the Pentagon 61 former Gitmo inmates have returned to terroristic activities.  Will that figure change Obama’s mind?

Don’t know this guy, but an interesting take from Hollywood on President Bush.  Mickey Rouke, in the British GQ ladies and gentlemen.  In other UK news, this girl is auctioning off her virginity to pay for her masters degree in Family and Marriage Therapy.  I wonder if her auction will ruin a marriage and give her something to look forward to when she graduates:  a family to work with.  Her sister did it too:  3 week prostitution run to pay for school.  

And do not send nude pictures of yourself and your friends to other friends!  If you are under 18, they may slap child porn charges on you!


What Mumbai Proves – Jared

If you have been watching the news at all over this Thanksgiving Break in the United States you have noticed what has been going down in Mumbai, India.  A handful of terrorists attacked several locations in the city, taking hostages and killing indescriminately.  The 60 hour ordeal is over now and I have refrained on commenting in it until now.  I am thankful the Indian police and military were able to quickly get the necessary troops and police into position.  Reports are that the commandoes involved, called Marcos in India, have not had a moment’s rest since the operation started, but have now successfully ended all carnage.

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The Gloves Are Off

I am stuck in the library researching for my Polisci seminar paper and I got on Drudge to find this video.  McCain knows hes on the road to defeat.  The polls are looking bad.   He finally started to address the Obama, Ayers relationship with this ad.  Its about time.  Hopefully, this can give McCain a boost.  We will see.