An Alternative Approach – Health Care Vouchers

I cannot say I hate the idea entirely.

An Alternative Approach To Health Reform: Vouchers For All


Where is the annual Social Security Report?

Sitting somewhere in President Obama’s desk, hidden away as far as it can be, is my guess.

Every year, the Annual Report of the Social Security Board of Trustees comes out between mid-April and mid-May.  Now it’s July, and there’s no sign of this year’s report.  What is the Obama administration hiding?

Obamacare’s impact on Medicare is most likely.  This report details not only the condition of Social Security (which, let us be honest, it not taken out of your check to pay you back later, but for Washington’s own spending priorities) and Medicare, which Obamacare is going to thoroughly cripple.  Obamacare made steep cuts to Medicare and the fact that this report is not yet out tells this voter everything he needs to know about what President Obama has done to the health care system.


A Health Care Debacle…

Coming to an insurance office near you.  Massachusetts is having some serious issues with its insurance system and extensive government regulation.  The Massachusetts system has been praised as having provided the structure of the Obama Health Care Reform.  Therefore it is only logical that we find ourselves looking at the Massachusetts system and its problems as a precursor of things to come as we move towards full insurance coverage.

What has happened is that Governor Patrick has imposed price controls on insurance premiums in the small group market.  In Massachusetts any increases in premiums must be approved by state regulators and Governor Patrick kicked off his reelection campaign by summarily rejecting 90% of insurance company requests for premium increases.

The despicable aspect of this move is that it is a political stunt, pure and simple.  Governor Patrick’s opponent in the November election will most likely be Charlie Baker, a former Executive at Harvard Pilgrim, a health care provider.  The political logic is simple:  tell insurance companies no price increases, they stop selling insurance, turn to the people and say “Look, Charlie Baker ran insurance companies that are now refusing to sell you insurance as the law requires!  Do not vote corporate greed into office!”

The result of these price controls is that the entire small business and individual health insurance market has been shut down as companies wait out the result of a pending court hearing.  They have argued that an arbitrary cap will result in more than $100 million in losses and threaten their solvency.  3 of the 4 largest insurance companies in Massachusetts are nonprofits and run the risk of collapsing if they are unable to meet the cost of claims.

Since the Massachusetts insurance system was put in place health care costs have skyrocketed.  Interestingly enough the requirement to allow everyone who applies the opportunity to receive health insurance has resulted in gaming of the system.  Blue Cross Blue Shield has reported they are tracking short-term customers who get on the system, immediately rack up costs on average 600% higher than normal, and three months later drop insurance all together.  Harvard Pilgrim has reported that 40% of new enrollees stay for fewer than 5 months and rack up costs north of 600% above average.

The Massachusetts problem is a microcosm of what America is in for if Obamacare is allowed to come completely online.  Massive health care regulation is not going to result in decreased premiums and health care costs.  Allowing the markets to work with less government regulation will.

Obamacare’s Threat to Doctors

I had wondered exactly what Obamacare would do to the medical professional more commonly known as a “doctor” and Jason Fodeman, through the Washington Times, has shed some light on the issue.  Ultimately his argument is one of common sense:  make anyone jump through more hoops and they will be less likely to attempt to jump any of them.  I will let you read the article yourself but suffice it to say that 159 new committees, agencies, and bureaucracies are not going to help put doctors in the field and will most definitely not help improve our health care system.  I’ve already talked about this before, but here is a reminder.

Democrats Health Care Plan

Scott Brown

Congrats to the new Senator from Massachusetts!

For good measure, here is Keith Olbermann’s opinion of Senator Brown.

What do you think?  Is Keith Crazy?  Also, do you think this vote was more about Obama himself, the bad economy, or a revolt against Obamacare?