Biden Gaffe’s It Up – Jared

Right to the point on this one.  Biden says that it is patriotic for those who are rich to pay more taxes.  As Bill O’Reilly put it, “the government wants 50% of my success”.  Obama stringently denied that (39% actually….) but to characterize it like that is quite painful.  The government wants 30, 40% of what I make.  I’m sorry, that is ridiculous.

I am all about some low taxes and honestly having lived in Tennessee for the last 2 years, I really wonder what would happen if we had a Flat Tax.  Tennessee has no state income tax, only a sales tax at 9.975% or something like that.  You notice it some (California has a 7.75% + CRV on bottles of stuff) out here compared to home but you factor it in after awhile when you are thinking about buying stuff.

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