Bush and the Shoeman – Jared

This guys, is how you know President Bush is alright.  He ducked.  🙂


Generational Time – Jared

Charles Krauthammer, one of my favorite columnists, has made some insightful statements in the past about the conditions on the ground in Iraq, and this latest column is no different.  

I want to make an important note about something Charles said.  The war is Iraq is not being fought on any scale of time we are used to.  We have to win this war in “generational time”.  The next generation will have to rise up and begin to take over before we will have truly won the war in Iraq.  Generational Time is the time scale of the war on terror.

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters

So my sister just sent me this and I was floored.

I didnt know Sarah Palin was going to be Obama’s VP!