Obama…”Fundamental Flaw of Constitution”…wants “Redistribution of Wealth”

Last night there were audio tapes of Obama released from 2001.  This is from Drudge. Both of these were interviews done with Obama on Chicago radio.  What is unbelievable is how much of a socialist he really sounds.  Its not just a word McCain supporters are throwing around.  He actually sounds like a socialist. Take a listen….


James Manning = Hilarious

So, I havent blogged in forever I know.  But with 17 hours of class (including two senior seminar classes) along with work and being a Lifegroup Leader plus having Halo nights in my room way too often, I am finding little time to blog.  All I will say now is McCain is in trouble if the economy is the issue because people perceive Obama will do a better job on the economy. Since the economy is the issue on the forefront right now, Obama is taking the lead in the polls.

Anyway, my parents came to visit today and shared this little video with me and I must say, it is quite entertaining.  enjoy.