Professor Picked Up by RealClearPolitics

I read this article on its source website and never notice it was picked up by RealClearPolitics on June 24th.  The article, entitled Is the Abortion Debate Over? sets forth the current state of the abortion debate and the need for its transition from the philosophical realm into the political realm.  I encourage you to read this piece if you are interested in the state of the abortion debate.

Dr. Micah Watson came to Union University in 2007.  He is a fellow Californian and graduate of UC Davis.  He received an M.A. degree in Church State Relations at Baylor University and an M.A. and Doctoral degree in Politics from Princeton University.  He is a fantastic man from whom I have learned a great deal the past 2 years.


The New Extremism – Jared

You might have heard about the Department of Homeland Security’s newest report to law enforcement agencies.  The extremists law enforcement needs to be on the lookout for?  Returning veterans, and right wing extremists, including groups opposed to abortion and immigration.  Congratulations my abortion opposing friends, we are now extremists.

Two Executive Orders – Jared

Much to my surprise (hmmm) Barack Obama’s first two executive orders are a little unpopular with the American people.  58% disagree with his decision to allow abortion funding overseas and 50% oppose his decision to close (eventually) “Club Gitmo“, with 44% approving.  His other actions have polled reasonably well.

Both of these are unsurprising moves by the new president and the poll results reveal a possible trend.  Where is America ideologically?  The right, in particular Sean Hannity, has argued the country is center-right, while the left has countered that the election of Barack Obama overwhelmingly (54% to 46%) signifies a trend to the left.

I am no pollster but the trend may be more center-right.  The Gallup poll data above has most of his actions as pretty popular.  The most polarizing issue, abortion, has a much worse number.  Gallup lists 35% approval of his abortion decision.  Does this signify a more center-right country?  Not necessarily, but it hardly lends any credence to the thought that America is moving left.  Where is America today?  Elections are the most common way to tell.  Was the 2008 election a referendum on George W. Bush’s 8 years, or a greater trend away from the GOP and towards the Democratic party?  I think the former may be the stronger argument.

What Abortion Can Do – Jared

Abortion is a tragedy.  Travesty.  The inexcusable and unwarranted destruction of life by depraved human beings.

What if….

Its Only Been 4 Days and He’s Already Angered Me. – Tilly

President Obama lifted the ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions on Friday.  President Bush implemented this policy early on during his administration.  Of course this comes as no surprise to me.  I believe and have said before that it will soon become clear that President Obama is the most pro-abortion President in American history.  So while the radical left-wing media continues to swoon over the new administration and as they continually remind you of how historic it is for an African American to hold such an office, don’t forget what this man stands for and don’t fail to criticize him for it.  It angers me that my tax dollars will now fund abortions around the world and I will not get swept up by the emotional whirlwind that most of America is currently caught up in.  

I want to give a shout out to the Vatican, who unlike many, publicly criticized Obama for his decision to overturn the ban.  The Vatican even had the balls to call President Obama arrogant. PROPS. We should be no less willing to voice our discontent with this new administration’s position on abortion.

Well, I Am Angry. Are you? -Tilly

Last Tuesday’s results are no surprise.  But they are disheartening nonetheless.  It is frustrating, realizing the Democrats now have the White House, the Senate and the House.  What this means is nothing less than a blatant turn towards liberalism.  We are going to see a Washington push for universal healthcare, a decrease in military spending, an increase in taxes, bigger government, amnesty for illegal immigrants.  The list could go on.  As conservatives, it is right that we are disheartened.  And we should not look at the Democratic takeover and be anything less than angry.  I, for one, am livid.

It angers me to know Obama has promised to sign the Freedom of Choice Act.  This act will eliminate all restrictions on abortion ever passed by any state legislature.  That means a twelve year old will be able to get an abortion without parental consent.  There will be no 48 hour waiting periods and no requirements for abortion doctors to provide information on adoption to women considering abortion.  Thirty-five years of the pro-life movement’s efforts, down the drain.

It angers me to know that Obama proposes policies such as universal healthcare which are socialistic in nature.  And lets be clear, socialism is directly opposed to the foundation of the U.S.  The founders realized humanity’s selfish nature.  They created a system of checks and balances because of this realization.  The theory of socialism is built upon the idea that man is not selfish, but good.  Socialism does not work because its very foundation is flawed.  Our founders realized man’s selfish nature.  Obama does not.  His policies oppose the very foundation of the Constitution.

It angers me when I hear Obama promise to cut military spending and disarm many of our nuclear weapons.  Here again, Obama has too much faith in the goodness of mankind.  His line of thinking says that if we weaken our military, the world will feel less threatened and therefore, be more likely to be friendly with us.  This is preposterous.  This was the same argument levied against Ronald Reagan in his buildup of the military during the 80’s.  Liberals screamed he was just making the world more angry with us, which would lead to war. What happened?  Well, Reagan sent the Soviet Union into bankruptcy and won the Cold War.  The liberals were wrong then and they are wrong now.  Obama’s plan will only make us weaker, giving our enemies more chance to take advantage of us diplomatically, and more likely to threaten militarily.

It angers me to know Obama plans a tax increase, even if it only on the top 5% of Americans.  These are the individuals who own small businesses, who employ numerous individuals.  When these people are given a tax increase, they have less money to pay their employees, which means fewer raises and more layoffs.  This is basic economics.  Our President-elect apparently does not understand it.

We must fight these policies which are being proposed. It is right that we are frustrated and angry that the American people would place the government in the hands of these people. Think about it.  The party now in power is a pro-abortion, socialistic, anti-military, tax-hiking group of liberals.  Doesnt that just infuriate you?

One More About Barack Obama and Abortion – Jared

Dr. Watson, the Political Theory in the Political Science department and Director of the Center for Politics and Religion at Union University recently posted this blog about on the topic of abortion in the next election.  He references an article by his mentor, Robert George, about Barack Obama’s abortion extremism.

If you are seriously considering voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and have not yet cast your early ballot or sent in your absentee ballot I strongly urge you to read and consider what Robert George and Randy Acorn, listed in the previous blog by Tilly, have to say.  Barack Obama has done a fantastic job hiding himself and everything he believes from the public eye and it is only now, days away from election day, that we are seeing information like this come out.  Read and consider carefully before voting.