An Alternative Approach – Health Care Vouchers

I cannot say I hate the idea entirely.

An Alternative Approach To Health Reform: Vouchers For All


Tax Cuts and Economic Growth

Every election season we run through this:  conservatives say tax cuts lead to more disposable income, which leads to more spending, which leads to economic growth.  The key point here in that money sent to the government does not contribute to economic growth (see Y = C + I – G + (X – M)).  Liberals argue that growth occurred with high marginal rates (90% was the highest) after World War 2, and that the Clinton years saw growth even though Clinton raised taxes.

How to sort this out, since both sides are referencing facts?  I think this article by Jim Pethokoukis at the American Enterprise Institute is a good first step in understanding those views.  Jim believes, like I do, that marginal tax cuts (tax cuts by tax bracket) will spur economic growth.  Take a look, and let me know what you think in the comments.

The Clinton Boom Years

Some nice thoughts below on the Clinton boom years.  This definitely needs to be considered in light of Bill Clinton’s speech at the DNC.

The first flaw, described here and here, is that President Clinton raised taxes and the economy boomed. The flaw in the narrative is it ignores the passage of time—four years, to be exact. The timeline matters. Clinton raised taxes in 1993 just as the economy was set to take off from a recession, and instead job and wage growth sputtered for four years. The famous Clinton era boom started four years after the tax hike, in 1997, and was triggered at least in part by the Republican tax cut of that year. Four years may seem like a detail, but details like this matter.

Rest of the article is available from the Heritage Foundation.

Glenn Beck

Dude is bold!  Holy cow.  Intense.

Emergencies are often used to shove unpopular agenda’s into action by claiming necessity to save the economy, the obese, the poor, those whose banks are failing.  We’re seeing it today, where emotion takes precedent over reason.  We have to think out these actions or they will leave us in an incredible hole.  But that is the goal isn’t it?  Democrats, liberals and their ilk love crisis!  They use fear as a political tactic!  Obama’s campaign wasn’t not a campaign of hope, but one of “if a Republican is elected, you better be scared” repackaged.

Man is bold though.  Truly bold.

What Abortion Can Do – Jared

Abortion is a tragedy.  Travesty.  The inexcusable and unwarranted destruction of life by depraved human beings.

What if….

Thinking about Israel and Hamas – Jared

Dr. Watson of the Union University Political Science Department has commented on the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip between Israel and Hamas.  He points out that one side has an anything goes attitude and the other side has a moral equivalency attitude, which are in conflict with each other and lead to the varying degrees of calls for a cease-fire and desires for Israel to stick it to them real good this time.

Aristotle said virtue lay between the two extremes.  Dr. Watson can take it from there.

Generational Time – Jared

Charles Krauthammer, one of my favorite columnists, has made some insightful statements in the past about the conditions on the ground in Iraq, and this latest column is no different.  

I want to make an important note about something Charles said.  The war is Iraq is not being fought on any scale of time we are used to.  We have to win this war in “generational time”.  The next generation will have to rise up and begin to take over before we will have truly won the war in Iraq.  Generational Time is the time scale of the war on terror.