McCain Gets His Bounce…But For How Long?

Well its the Monday after the Republican National Convention.  And the polls look very different than they did before the convention:

Rassmussen: McCain +1

USA Today: McCain +10

Gallup: McCain +5

Zogby: McCain +4

This should not be surprising because the Republicans, as always, gave a great convention.  Read More…


McCain’s New Ad – Tilly

Well, Jared and I are moved in….class starts tomorrow.  Hopefully we can get back to blogging on a more regular basis.  In the meantime, check out this new 30 second spot entitled “Temple” from the McCain campaign….

We can now see a new strategy of attack on Obama.  Now McCain is trying to label him as “more of the same” old liberal ideas.  This is brilliant because the ad links Obama to the old liberals in Congress and it basically is turning Obama’s attack on McCain back on Obama.  Obama may present himself as “change” but in reality he is only offering the same ideas Democrats have been pushing for years.  McCain is the true reform candidate.

Palin Wows! – Tilly

Sarah Palin gave a outstanding speech at last night’s convention…read it here.  Her presentation was exactly what it needed to be.  She took control of the stage and looked Presidential.  When she talked policy, she was sophisticated.  When she attacked Barack Obama, she was down right hilarious.  The speech excited conservatives, scared liberals, and showed the pundits who have been critical of her that John McCain knew exactly what he was doing when he picked her.  I absolutely loved it and was bouncing off the walls by the time it was over. It was everything we as Republicans wanted.  That glimmer of hope of winning is starting to grow.  We actually do have a chance. Read on…

The Reformer John McCain – Tilly

Joe Lieberman’s speech at the Republican National Convention last night sounded like nothing one would expect to hear at a gathering of Republicans. Lieberman glorified McCain’s stances on campaign finance reform and global warming, while praising him for being one of the “gang of 14”. For many Republicans, these are the very reasons they refused to support McCain in the primary. But these are also some examples of why McCain has gained a reputation of being a “maverick”, the reason he can win this race. In this election year, if the Republican nominee for President “toed the party line”, the GOP would have no shot at winning. Most Americans do not want another George W Bush.

Last night, Lieberman addressed not the conservatives or Republicans in the room, but the independents across the country, those who still havent made up their mind; those who do not want another Bush, yet fear giving control of the government to an inexperienced senator. Lieberman continued the message, as will the rest of the convention, that McCain is also a candidate for change. And unlike Obama, McCain has a history of going against his party to create reform in Washington and has the experience needed to be the Commander in Chief.

Obama wants Americans to believe John McCain is just another George W. Bush. But, as Lieberman said last night, “John McCain is his own man.” And that is why McCain can beat Obama. He has a reputation of reform and over 20 years of experience in the Senate. All Obama has is a campaign slogan: “change”. As the convention continues today and tomorrow, Americans will be reminded of the “maverick” John McCain, of the numerous times he put country over party. Both Obama and McCain are calling for reform in Washington. But only McCain has a history of bringing reform.

A Very Serious Ticket – Jared

Up till this point in the campaign process I have been a little surprised by the flippancy with which the Barack Obama camp and his supporters have treated the McCain/Palin ticket.  They have almost from the start written it off claiming that Senator Obama no longer has to fight the experience charge, already addressed here, and now a woman with 5 children she should really be taking care of rather than running for Vice President.

Whether or not she should be caring for her kids is really a sexist thing to say.  It is the liberals who claim there is a glass ceiling old, white Republicans want to keep in place.  They charge conservative Republicans and Christians with trying to keep women “barefoot and pregnant and in the kitchen where they belong” but they level the attack that her judgment needs to be questioned for having a child at age 44 and for running for Vice President with so many kids still around.  Conservative America is judged harshly by the left for apparent sexist ideas and their true colors are showing:  the only good woman is a pro-choice, socialist, left leaning woman.  How utterly despicable. Read On!

Obama’s Current Plan of Attack Won’t Work – Tilly

In my last post I gave three reasons why Palin makes a great VP pick.  The last I gave, that Palin strengthens the McCain campaign’s message of reform, might well be her strongest asset to the ticket.  That combined with McCain’s independent reputation defines the ticket as one that will bring change.  Before Palin was named as the running-mate, Obama had been desperately trying to define a John McCain presidency as “four more years of Bush”.  While this was already a hard message to sale because McCain has over 20 years of being a Senator who refused to toe the Republican party line, with his pick of Palin, this attempt by Obama becomes impossible.

Obama’s first ad after the announcement of Palin is more of the same attacks.  It paints McCain as a Bush follower.  What is the most bizarre thing about the ad is the it shows pictures of McCain picking this Washington outsider known for getting rid of corruption in her state and then saying McCain is more of the same.  While the narrator in the ad certainly attempts to make the point that McCain is like Bush, the pictures do not.  The very first clip you see is that of McCain with Palin!!!  Mr. Obama, dont you know people dont see Palin as more of the same??

McCain and Palin are taking further steps this week to show they will be a different administration than the Bush administration.  They have traveled to Mississippi in the wake of the coming hurricane.  McCain also cancelled all but “essential opening day activities” at the Republican Convention.  Gustav reminds the American public of Bush’s failings with Katrina.  This hurricane, which many may believe hurts the Republicans, will actually help them.  McCain/Palin are showing the American people a response unlike Bush’s.  This strengthens the idea that McCain is different than Bush. Read More…

A Conversation – Jared

I like everyone else, have been watching and thinking about McCain’s selection of Alaska’s Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.  There are many things we can take away from this, and many opinion’s on the choice.

The morning of the 29th was quite the entertainment.  I woke up Tilly by simply saying “Its Palin”, to which he rolled over, I shut the door, and took two steps down the hall before he yells “PALIN!” and comes running out.  The pick was exciting, and we began to hear from friends and family about the pick and one conversation in particular stuck out.

The most surprising, intially for me, reaction to the Palin choice was the accusation that McCain was placing someone with so little experience “a heartbeat away from the presidency”.  So much so that a acquintaince of mine, friend just is not the right word, had a talk on Facebook Chat where he would not give me his opinion on the pick.  Initially.  After I left to work out he sent me a text and started a conversation that lasted about 30 minutes where he argued quite forcefully, though with little backup, that Palin was to inexperienced and everyone was saying so. Real On!