Obama’s New Blackberry – Jared

Well, since the man is attached to his Blackberry and the Secret Service for a huge variety of security reasons has vehemently said no, the search began for the next President’s new Blackberry.




One More About Barack Obama and Abortion – Jared

Dr. Watson, the Political Theory in the Political Science department and Director of the Center for Politics and Religion at Union University recently posted this blog about on the topic of abortion in the next election.  He references an article by his mentor, Robert George, about Barack Obama’s abortion extremism.

If you are seriously considering voting for Barack Obama in 2008 and have not yet cast your early ballot or sent in your absentee ballot I strongly urge you to read and consider what Robert George and Randy Acorn, listed in the previous blog by Tilly, have to say.  Barack Obama has done a fantastic job hiding himself and everything he believes from the public eye and it is only now, days away from election day, that we are seeing information like this come out.  Read and consider carefully before voting.

Obama’s Abortion Stance = Not Cool.

I came across this blog by Randy Alcorn.  I highly encourage my Christian friends who are considering voting for Barack Obama to read this article.  He brilliantly explains why Obama’s position on abortion should decide our votes as Christians in this election.  Read it here.

Obama…”Fundamental Flaw of Constitution”…wants “Redistribution of Wealth”

Last night there were audio tapes of Obama released from 2001.  This is from Drudge. Both of these were interviews done with Obama on Chicago radio.  What is unbelievable is how much of a socialist he really sounds.  Its not just a word McCain supporters are throwing around.  He actually sounds like a socialist. Take a listen….

Howard Stern Interviews Obama Supporters

So my sister just sent me this and I was floored.

I didnt know Sarah Palin was going to be Obama’s VP!

Its Not Over – Tilly

For the past couple of weeks, I have been very pessimistic at McCain’s chances.  The economic disaster left McCain as much as 8 points down to Obama in the polls.  There is certainly a lack of excitement among Republicans right now as it seems Obama has all the momentum going into the last two weeks of this campaign.  But I have not lost all hope, there is a glimer, though small, still left.  The past week McCain has been narrowing the gap in the polls.  Rasmussen (the poll I trust most) has it 50-46 and Gallup has it even closer at 49-47. There are a couple of reasons why Obama’s numbers have begun to fall, if only oh so slightly.

First, the ACORN scandal is making a difference.  The very fact Obama had to address this issue in the last debate hurts him.  He HAS been connected to ACORN in the past.  His campaign HAS given close to 1 million dollars to the organization.  If this continues to be a topic of discussion, it will continue to push Obama’s numbers down.  Second, the economy no longer seems as urgent of an issue.  Though the stock market is still somewhat unstable, the conversation about the economic disaster has moved into more of a focus on how Obama and McCain will address the economy in general.  Which, has become a discussion of tax policy.  I believe McCain wins the debate if it is on tax policy.  He has been able to frame Obama’s plan as a “redistribution of wealth” (this is largely because of “Joe the Plumber”).  Americans do not like this idea and if they equate “redistribution of wealth” with Obama, McCain will gain ground.

There is one more issue which the Republicans are going to begin pushing hard this week.  Obama supports driver licenses for illegal immigrants.  Up to this point, this issue has not been brought up.  But if it becomes an issue largely discussed, it will become a problem for the Obama campaign.  This issue could infuriate independents.  Watch this ad that will begin playing in swing states this week… read on…

Obama and ACORN

McCain’s new ad…