Obama’s First Oval Office Address

President Obama, why did you waste 18 minutes of my time last night?

Please allow me to list three points of interest from last nights speech:

  • President Obama has no power to force BP to set up an escrow account.  That was just more empty talk.
  • Why is there confusion about whether or not the “Nobel prize winning” Secretary of Energy has a Nobel prize?
  • There was not command, no direction, and no authority is anything President Obama said last night.

Now watch MSNBC tear President Obama apart.


What Ethanol Really Does to Your Pocket

Please, read this article from the Washington Times and take a look at why we have ethanol subsidies:  Corporate welfare.  There is welfare to make people dependent on the government and there is welfare to make corporations dependent on the government.  Oh boy.  Here is the reasoning behind a 5% increase in ethanol production:

  • To help meet sales targets for 36 billion gallons of ethanol by 2022
  • Reduces dependency on Mideastern oil
  • Cleaner air
  • $3.7 billion in “energy security benefits

The nasty side here is the side effects:

  • 18 billion in additional fuel costs by 2022
  • a 5% increase in Ethanol concentration will lower fuel efficiency by about 5.3%
  • Higher repair bills as engines not designed to handle higher ethanol levels will deteriorate faster (FYI, we the customers will have to pay for this because using unapproved [by the manufacturer] fuel is passed along to us)
  • Higher food prices

I am not a fan.  Chemically, ethanol has 2/3rds the energy of gasoline, so an increase will inevitably lead to lower fuel efficiency immediately.  While this will decrease pollution from gasoline (always a good thing) the increased cost of ethanol as food production and fuel production wage war will go far to increase the cost of gasoline (of which we will be buying more) and food.  This proposal needs to be scrapped and if implemented, done so in a manner that makes more sense for the consumer.

Global Warming U-Turn

I have class and some calls to make this morning before I head that way, so please enjoy at your leisure.  Lets not set up a Global Warming Office in America.  The snow really prevents that.

100 Reasons Why Climate Change is Natural

Oh yes, read it and love it.

P.S.  Snowfall in Copenhagen.  Warm up baby warm up!

A Believer Hits Back

Eugene Robinson, former assistant managing editor of the Washington Post, has published a column in the Washington Post critical of what he calls the “hyperventilating” climate change deniers are doing over the e-mails and documents hacked from the Climate Research Unit’s servers.

In order to prove a global warming trend we need mountains of data over thousands of years.  Regardless of whether you are an old earth or a young earth believer, we still have, at minimum, several thousand years of climate already passed and information on those years is essential to painting an accurate picture of the earth’s climate.

Our data pre-1900 is far from superb.  Tree rings is one method of data used to calculate temperature because there is a correlation of the tree ring data and actual temperatures between 1900 and 1960.  But then in 1960 tree ring data diverges from actual temperature data.  Actual temperatures have risen and the tree ring data has plateaued.  Robinson claims this still means the trend of the last 100 years is global warming (which I cannot deny) but more importantly this divergence calls completely into question our data on temperatures before we could take accurate measurements.  If the tree ring data for today’s temperatures does not match up with todays temperatures, it throws into doubt all data pre-1900.

Therein lies the problem with climate change data and Al Gore’s championing of global warming:  We do not have truly accurate data with which to draw the conclusions Al Gore and others are making.  And now with the fix discovered at the Climate Research Unit we must stop and reconsider every decision we’re making, from Cap and Trade to Kyoto.

ClimateGate Continues

Nothing new to add today.  I do want to wish everyone a happy thanksgiving.  I enjoyed mine by discovering how awesome sweet potato casserole is.  I can’t believe I’ve been missing it all of my life.

Here are some of the latest ClimateGate stories.

How to Forge a Consensus – Wall Street Journal

Pretending the Climate Email Leak isn’t a Crisis Won’t Make it Go Away – Guardian

Australian MP’s Resign over Australian Cap and Trade – London Telegraph

And Obama is still headed to Copenhagen….

CRU Makes the Mainstream Press

It made the mainstream press.  I really do not have anything else to blog about at this point.  I am so thoroughly burned out from the last couple of weeks of class I am satisfied to merely keep you informed.

Washington Post – Junk Science Exposed Among Climate-Change Believers

The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works is planning an investigation and Congressional hearings.