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Michael Gerson nails it.


Koran Burning

Muslims everywhere are up in arms about this Koran burning Pastor Jones of Florida is organizing for tomorrow.

Let us strike a deal with them:  We won’t burn their Koran when they don’t burn the Bible or the American flag.

There in lies the problem:  It is always OK to destroy crosses and burn the Bible and condemn the Great Satan (note the date on that link is September 9, 2010).  But it is never OK to burn the Koran, criticize how Islam treats women, or mock Mohammed.  Muslims are an arrogant people who cannot stand any affront to their “prestige” and self-proclaimed “holiness”.

The reality is Muslims are just as blinded to their own stupidity and double standard on these issues as most religious and legalistic hypocrites are.  They all know that mockery exposes who they really are.  They must protect themselves from mockery by scaring everyone who may mock them into silence through intimidation (readfatwas and murder).  Such savage ruthlessness and narcissism cannot be ignored.

We must mock Islam.  “But Jared, we may be threatened and killed!”  Yes, it is a risk (one Secretary Gates understandably does not wish to take with the lives of American soldiers).  Listen carefully:  Narcissists have an elitist, egotistical, and grandiose view of themselves.  This presentation of themselves is intimidating (ask anyone who is told by a fundamentalist Baptist that drinking alcohol is a sin and they’ll know what you are talking about) and completely exposes the goal of Islam:  your submission to their rules.

So how to you repel and deflate a narcissistic bully?  Mockery.  What a Muslim really dreads, more than anything else, is feeling inferior.  They lack any and all self-esteem (if you tend to think self-esteem is a load of bull, then translate “self-esteem” into “self-worth from being made in the image of God”) and cannot stand any humiliation.  Submission only emboldens them.  Humiliation awakens them to their real state.

That said, burning a Koran by Pastor Jones in Florida is a great thing for Islam.  Their reaction to mockery exposes the stupidity of their beliefs and “nazi” reaction to this mockery.  Mockery (and humiliation) will free them from this bondage by showing them what they have become.


So, why did LeBron pick Miami?  Could it be the great beaches?  D-Wade?  And why not New York, the “greatest” city in America?  The spotlight, celebrities, and endorsements are presumably all much bigger in New York.  Let us take a hard look at the economics of the situation.

LeBron’s income tax for a New York contract:  $12.34 million.

LeBron’s income tax for a Miami contract:  $0.

Need I say more?  Could we blame New York’s dysfunctional, tax hungry politicians for LeBron’s flight to Miami?  Maybe just a little bit.


Trash Talk

This is the ultimate trash talk.  Booyah.

Obama and our Post-Modern Race Problem

Ah, this follows nicely from what I said yesterday about the Obama administration being incompetent.  Shelby Steele perfectly pins down the reasoning behind this as it applies to Obama’s politics and decision making.  His thesis is this:  The president always knew that his greatest appeal was not as a leader but as a cultural icon.  I encourage you to read the article and analyze it for yourself.

Shelby Steele has hit upon the truth about Obama in that he ascended to his position not on the merit of his beliefs and principles which he sticks to unwaveringly but upon his status as a cultural icon, an emperor wearing new clothes if you will.  Obama the icon did not reveal anything of himself because he knew our racially post-modern culture would not “cross-examine” him to learn more about him.

The Recession, Spending, and Consumer Spending

I have had these thoughts before and Paco Underhill pulls it all together beautifully.

I think most importantly as consumers we are leaving credit and moving to cash and debit.  Perfect.  The problem is that the economy will reflect this as a downturn when in reality it will be an uptick in consumer responsibility.  In the long run this will be beneficial for the economy. I decided awhile ago that a credit card was not essential.  Debit gets you into all the same places and is more responsible financially.

Going Muslim

Careful… That is the title of this article I want to get the word out about.  Political correctness has a terrible downside and Tunku Varadarajan nails it beautifully.  David Warren has a similar article here.