MSNBC, Again. – Tilly

Once again MSNBC showed its liberal colors….this is starting to become comical.  I mean really.


Its Only Been 4 Days and He’s Already Angered Me. – Tilly

President Obama lifted the ban on giving federal money to international groups that perform abortions on Friday.  President Bush implemented this policy early on during his administration.  Of course this comes as no surprise to me.  I believe and have said before that it will soon become clear that President Obama is the most pro-abortion President in American history.  So while the radical left-wing media continues to swoon over the new administration and as they continually remind you of how historic it is for an African American to hold such an office, don’t forget what this man stands for and don’t fail to criticize him for it.  It angers me that my tax dollars will now fund abortions around the world and I will not get swept up by the emotional whirlwind that most of America is currently caught up in.  

I want to give a shout out to the Vatican, who unlike many, publicly criticized Obama for his decision to overturn the ban.  The Vatican even had the balls to call President Obama arrogant. PROPS. We should be no less willing to voice our discontent with this new administration’s position on abortion.

More Hypocrisy – Tilly

My sister just sent me this article by Ann Coulter.  It points out the ridiculous hypocrisy of the far left media.  I encourage all to read it.  It made my blood boil a bit.  So for those interested, you can read “More Boos than Balls” here.

Party in Da ‘Burgh – Tilly

Ok I am supposed to be blogging about politics.  We just inaugurated a new president, which is a pretty big deal.  But we have to have priorities in life and the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl.  HERE WE GO STEELERS!

Bush Disrespected-Tilly

I am going to blog on what I thought in detail about the inauguration a little later.  Until then check out this video of President Bush arriving to the inauguration.  I pray we Republicans show President Obama more respect than these individuals showed President Bush.  Though we disagree with Obama’s politics, his position as President demands our respect.

Rick Warren…A Tool for Obama – Tilly

Rick Warren has accepted an invitation from Barack Obama to give the invocation at his inauguration on January 20.  Gay-rights groups have criticized Obama for the choice.  They oppose anyone who disagrees with their views to even be allowed to pray at Obama’s inauguration. The outcry by these gay rights groups once again shows how ridiculously unwilling they are to work with anyone who has a different view than they do.  But gay rights groups should not be angry with Obama for inviting Warren to give the prayer.  It is clear where this administration will stand when it comes to gay rights.  Having an anti-gay rights preacher give a small prayer does not change Obama’s positions.

Obama’s invitation is a clear political move to undercut the evangelical support of the Republican Party. Warren giving the invocation at the inauguration only helps Obama and his pro-gay rights policies.  Gay rights groups should be thrilled an anti-gay marriage pastor is so willing to give the opening prayer.  Obama is using Warren.  And this is only the beginning. Throughout the next four years there will be a concentrated effort by Obama to reach evangelicals.  Without the evangelical vote, Republicans cannot win.  They have consistently represented one third of the Republican vote in the past several presidential elections.  When Democrats win, gay rights groups win.  They should not be angry with Obama.  If he is successful, Democrats will win more elections.

If anyone should be angry, it is evangelicals.  They should be criticizing Rick Warren for being so willing to participate.  By doing this, Warren is allowing Obama to use him.  Warren has a massive following and Obama hopes to persuade some of his following to move away from the Republican Party.  Warren must be more aware of what is actually going on.  And other evangelical leaders should be leery in the coming years when Obama invites them to participate in different administration events.  Obama does intend to become more open minded on issues evangelicals find important.  He simply wants to undermine the evangelical base of the Republican Party.

The Return of Tilly

So I have just completed the most stressful semester of my life.  Because of the ridiculous amount of papers I have had to write on top of the senior thesis, I have had no time to blog.  I think Jared has 22 posts since my last one.  But for your pleasure, the one and only Nathan Tilly is back.  For now, I will simply offer a bit to catch you up on what i think about the current happenings I havent got to blog on…

AL Franken is going to steal the election in Minnesota and that infuriates me, though as Jared just pointed out to me, no one can embarrass the Democrats like Franken.  So in the long run it could be a good thing.

My nightmare has not ended…Obama is still going to be President of the United States.

Gray flew in yesterday which means the next few days are going to be filled with craziness. whoop!

Giving automakers 17.4 BILLION dollars is a terrible idea.

The Dark Knight is still one of the best movies ever made.

Can I just say I was really happy when I heard they arrested that crook of a governor in Illinois.

President Bush is a heck of a shoe dodger.

The Steelers are going to dominate the Titans on Sunday.