Bankrupt California

It is depressing to think about California, my adopted home state.  Having spent my high school years there I fell in love with the state and the people I met there.  When I left to attend college in Tennessee I planned on returning, having experienced the hospitality and slower paced life of the south.

Then the economic crash of 2008 hit.  What few outside of California know is that California was headed down a recessionary path already.  High regulation, higher taxes, and some hair-brained elected officials believed they were on the right path (and they probably were in their own minds), but the recession accelerated the decline of the largest state in the Union.

Faced with this economic reality (unemployment numbers for my adopted home town’s county) and a girl I wanted to marry, I remained in Tennessee.  I think often of California and while I desire to return to the one of the world’s largest economic engines, I cannot return.  California is bankrupt.  Tax revenues are down, high income earners are fleeing, entrepreneurs, who can now start and grow profitable businesses anywhere, are fleeing or avoiding the state that boasts the likes of Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and more.  California is pursuing ideas like a high speed rail that will surely lose as much money as the Amtrak line it mirrors, while destroying acres of profitable farmland in the process, revealing a bankrupt leadership unwilling to acknowledge simple realities, challenge the status quo, and lead.

Victor Davis Hanson reminded me of these thoughts today.  And I thought I would share them, and his work, with you today.


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