Condemn Hamas

A hard thing to do no?  Before I begin I want to apologize for my prolonged absences.  Between finishing classes, planning a wedding, graduating, and trying desperately to find a job in West Tennessee (if you have one let me know) I find myself with very little time for blogging.  I miss doing it consistently.

But back to the question:  is condemning Hamas a difficult thing to do?  David Horowitz, a Jew and writer, gave a speech at the University of California San Diego during the Muslim Student Association’s Israeli Apartheid Week as a counter to the MSA’s events.  You’ll notice in the video enclosed below that Mr. Horowitz likens the week’s events to a “Hitler Youth Week.”  Mr. Horowitz’s comments were meant to directly attack the MSA as an American version of Al-Aqeda and Hamas formed out of the Muslim Brotherhood, a nonviolent group whose teachings influenced Osama bin Laden (though the group has denounced bin Laden openly their teachings encourage the killing of civilians to further their political agenda, a central aspect of the brutality of Al-Qaeda, Hamas, and other terrorist groups).  A former White House terrorism czar has said that the Muslim Brotherhood “worries” US counter-terrorism officials because it advocates violence against civilians.

Please enjoy below as a female member of the MSA tries to talk to David Horowitz and finds herself exploring the deep depravity of her own mind.  If you ever thought you would never find such a radical agenda in America, think again.



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