Health Care and Trade

Unfortunately I will be unable to get one of the blogs I have been sitting on up today.  I do want to give you an update and let you know that I have a blog on Health Savings Accounts (thank you Dr. Newell), one on the state of the near-universal health care in Massachusetts, and another on US exports, tariffs, and potential trade wars.  There are exciting things brewing!  I will keep you posted.

While you are waiting for those stirring posts I want to turn your direction to this article from Nowhampshire.  The gist of it is that a leaker from inside the New Hampshire Democratic Party has leaked that the party is in the process of recruiting liberal activists to attend tea party rallies carrying signs expressing “fringe sentiments.”  The source believes that party leaders are afraid the “Tea Party” movement will overwhelm them and they are seeking to discredit them as quickly as possible.  Since the fringe liberal activists are so adamant that Tea Party members are racist pigs I can only imagine what racist signs we will find at Tea Party rallies attended by these activists in the near future.

While attending the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans this past weekend I was surprised at the emphasis the Republicans were making to unite the Tea Party movement and the Republican Party (both of which share a conservative base) and the number of times Republicans were warned to defend their Tea Party friends from Democratic attacks aimed to separate the Tea Party movement from the Republicans.  I think this is a small piece of evidence that the Democrats and their liberal activists will stop at nothing to prevent a loss of power to Republicans.


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