Small Pieces

As with anyone, we learn from what is said and from what is done.  President Obama’s administration has me worried for a simple reason:  they responded so poorly to the Christmas Day airline bomb threat.  Take Janet Napolitano, President Obama’s National Security Advisor.  Her response to the threat was first “the system worked” and then “the system failed miserably, you took me out of context”.

Lets be clear, the system did not work.  This guy was on a terrorist watch list and he bought a one way ticket in cash without a passport and was allowed on the plane!  President Obama, for all of his campaign prowess and high minded rhetoric, cannot seem to get his staff to send the correct message.  Or the correct response.  The TSA’s new rules are stupid and hardly effective in stopping a “panty-bomber” from setting off C4 in an airplane.  Political correctness will kill us.

The solution is racial profiling, clear and simple.  A Caucasian male or female as yet to try to bomb a plane in America but we have proof 19 Muslims suceeded.  This is a religious war in ways the Obama administration refuses to acknowledge.  If we want to be safe we must profile.  We also need more effective screening systems that screen for explosives.

If we needed further proof of ineptitude, under President Obama’s climate change legislation growing trees will be more profitable than growing food.  If you want to kill a country….


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