A Believer Hits Back

Eugene Robinson, former assistant managing editor of the Washington Post, has published a column in the Washington Post critical of what he calls the “hyperventilating” climate change deniers are doing over the e-mails and documents hacked from the Climate Research Unit’s servers.

In order to prove a global warming trend we need mountains of data over thousands of years.  Regardless of whether you are an old earth or a young earth believer, we still have, at minimum, several thousand years of climate already passed and information on those years is essential to painting an accurate picture of the earth’s climate.

Our data pre-1900 is far from superb.  Tree rings is one method of data used to calculate temperature because there is a correlation of the tree ring data and actual temperatures between 1900 and 1960.  But then in 1960 tree ring data diverges from actual temperature data.  Actual temperatures have risen and the tree ring data has plateaued.  Robinson claims this still means the trend of the last 100 years is global warming (which I cannot deny) but more importantly this divergence calls completely into question our data on temperatures before we could take accurate measurements.  If the tree ring data for today’s temperatures does not match up with todays temperatures, it throws into doubt all data pre-1900.

Therein lies the problem with climate change data and Al Gore’s championing of global warming:  We do not have truly accurate data with which to draw the conclusions Al Gore and others are making.  And now with the fix discovered at the Climate Research Unit we must stop and reconsider every decision we’re making, from Cap and Trade to Kyoto.


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