Racism in America

Atlanta, ladies and gentlemen, is poised to elect their first white mayor since 1973.  Wow.  I did not know they had been that long without a white mayor nor did I know it was such a big deal the the cities black population.

Now Atlanta has done well under the black mayors.  One mayor claims to have brought in 1,100 new companies and with it $70 billion in private investment (my favorite kind!) and 1 million new jobs.  Awesome!

This quote bothers me however.  I am quoting straight from the Washington Post:

Black mayors have occupied City Hall since 1973, but this year, a white City Council member is leading in the polls, even though two black civic leaders urged black voters to unite against her.

Why are they uniting against her?  Because she is white.  If white voters unite in Chicago to opposed a black successor to Richard Daley all hell would break loose on God’s good earth.  Thankfully the black candidates have distanced themselves from these civic leaders.  To urge black voters to do that is racism.


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