Even the British

Even the British have noticed President Obama’s position as campaigner-in-chief.  As we discussed extensively in my American Presidency class the position of the President has been shifting, most noticeably seen in presidents Clinton and Obama, towards one of the perpetual campaign.

The perpetual campaign is inexplicably tied to the presidential legislative strategy of “going public”.  Long story short, going public is when the President decides to skip out on striking a deal with a Congressman on some issue and instead travels to that Congressman’s district to convince his constituents.  The effect here is to try and cut the legs out from under the Congressman so he will vote for the President’s position.  The President in effect shuns the interests of the Congressman.  Over time perpetual shunning builds resistance to any proposal by the President in Congress making it much more difficult for either side to get anything they want done.  It is a lose-lose situation for Congress and the President.

This is accentuated even more when the same party controls both the Presidency and Congress.  In this case the Democratic Party begins looking bad across the board.  The only way out of this mess for the ruling party is to begin governing and stop campaigning.


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  1. lovebug35 says:

    hmm… that’s interesting.

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