Race to blame?

I hate, absolutely hate, that this is an issue.  I must bring this up to clear the air a little bit around myself.  Lydia, this one is also for you.  Disclaimer:  I am not racist.  I have absolutely no feelings towards blacks, mexicans, asians, europeans or aliens that are hate based.

That I have to say the above italicized portion is indicitive of what I am going to say next.  Racism as it is used today is deliberately politicized to draw attention away from the failings of an individual or group in order to receive sympathy points and to tarnish the character of an opposing individual or group.

I have brought this up before though I may not have posted a final blog about it.  This post in particular was set off by New York Governor David Paterson’s comments here.  To paraphrase, Governor Paterson says he is being unfairly criticized by the news media because he is black (between the lines:  the news media is racist).  Thankfully the news media isn’t taking this lying down, and fellow blacks are taking him to task for making such a stupid comment (while also pointing out what they like about what he has done).

What is not going on it racism.  What is going on is that New York, like other states who have pursued more “progressive” policies are seeing harder economic times than other states. This inevitably makes reelection very difficult for their incumbent governors.  Racism has absolutely nothing to do with it.

The reality is we are in a much more post racial generation than some would like us to think (think 44th President and the 18-24 year old voting block that put him there).  Our society is looking past race in ways MLK Jr. dreamed of and I would hate for African American’s to be tying themselves down as victims rather than rising to the challenge the world presents every man, woman, and child.


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