Government Inefficiency versus Private Efficiency

Everyone knows the government and her organizations usually are incredibly inefficient.  Take the DMV for example.  If anyone wants to make a joke or a point about government inefficiency and slow response times all you must do it point to the DMV.  Lines can be 50 people long, it takes sometimes up to an hour to get through the line.  California got excited once when their wait times improved by 31 minutes thanks largely in part I am sure to the ability to renew your liscense online.  The Post Office is another decent example.

In the market inefficiency leaves doors open for other companies and individuals to bring a more efficient and cost effective products to the table.  As The First Response Team of America proves efficiency does not have to be profit driven.  Remember when FEMA bungled Hurricane Katrina?  First Response was there and saw an opportunity to help people without entangling themselves with the bureaucratic process.

Instead of waiting for direction on where to use their equipment the team just shows up.  I’ll spare you many of the details (you can find them on their web site) but the basic story is they show up and say “look at our sweet equipment, can we help?” and the locals put them to work.  A slow moving bureaucracy is defeated by a small, rapid, agile and driven company.


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