ObamaCare is Dead…

I am going to label the “for now” on this one and attribute it to the politically savvy and always entertaining Charles Krauthammer.  According to his latest article “Obamacare in Retreat” the President is abandoning (or will be forced to abandon) his calls for a public option.  I am going to have to trust Mr. Krauthammer on this.  His connections and political savvy are much more advanced than mine.

The blame for killing Obamacare is not the Republican’s or Blue Dog Democrats fault according to Krauthammer but the fault of its cost revealed by the Congressional Budget Office.  The conclusion of the CBO is that Obamacare will not end up saving money but will cost more over time.  With these numbers in front of him and Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats standing in the way it appears the President may end up settling for something less.

Krauthammer says this change is going to be health insurance reform, something much less radical than his previous proposal.  The extent of this proposal is still up for grabs but regardless of what passes something must pass.  Health care is the big elephant on the President’s first year agenda and it would be very poor for him politically if nothing passed.

What passes will still have an agenda and I would imagine it will be set up in some way (possibly with malicious intent) to squeeze private sector health care and cause it to suffer, possibly even fail.  This would leave future generations in need of health care they cannot get making them willing and more open to a publicly run system.


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