“Thats Condescending!”

There are two things in this video I want you to notice.  First is how poorly Senator Barbara Boxer handles this.  She is addressing the President of the National Black Chamber of Commerce like he is a child to be corrected and he rightly takes offense.  Harry Alford views this as racism.  I think this is a stretch but Senator Boxer is definitely acting in a condescending manner.

Second is how unprepared Senator Boxer is.  I think she planned on walking all over Harry Alford and clearly was not able to do it and her argument came out sloppy and disjointed.  Several minutes of the committee meeting are posted below.  Then when Senator Inhofe corrected her on what the NAACP resolution they were discussing said she was forced into all kinds of backpedeling.  Yet another California representative in need of her walking papers.


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