Come on People

I planned on skipping Michael Jackson’s death because everyone and their grandmother knows he died but this requires some comment.  Grief Turns to Anger for Jackson Fans.  This quote in particular:  “He shouldn’t have died so young. It’s so sad. I’m just hysterical,” said Deborah Canton as she sobbed inconsolably near the late 50-year-old pop singer’s star.

She is hysterical because her pop idol just died?  Ladies and gentlemen the older and wiser I get (I am 21) I am constantly recognizing how utterly pathetic our society is.  Michael Jackson, the singer, died.  He sang!  This is not Mother Theresa, George Washington, Winston Churchill, or Jesus.  At what point did he do anything inherently constructive for society?  Mother Theresa changed lives for the better.  Michael Jackson is the butt of pedophile jokes and is an incredible dancer, nothing more.  Why are we worshipping a celebrity, especially one with a poor track record of late?*

The rest of the article is full of similar stuff, with mourners blaming doctors, anyone but Michael Jackson, for his death.  The doctors were just using Michael Jackson for his money.  And dude, he had a bunch.  If I was heartless I would include a line about Jesse Jackson right now.

*This question is inherently rhetorical.  I know the answer.  The real question 
is how we go about fixing it.

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