Climate Bill Passed

The newest massive tax has made it through the House of Representatives.  The current headline on The Drudge Report says it all:  “ONE GIANT BILL FOR MANKIND.”

This bill is a giant tax.  Or maybe better put, it is a giant economic restriction bill.  Businesses will be forced into so many new regulations it will impossible for them to not consider fleeing to other, less restricting countries.  If Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer says higher taxes on foreign profits will move more of Microsoft’s jobs overseas what will climate change taxes do?

I want to thank House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) for trying desperately to postpone the bill’s passage.  He attempted a sort of filibuster.  They are not allowed in the House of Representatives, only in the Senate, but great latitude is given to the Speaker, and Majority and Minority leaders when they approach the podium.  Boehner began reading from and commenting on portions of the bill he had in a large white binder.

If you do not believe Democrats would ever do something underhanded, they once again dropped a massive amendment in at the last minute.  This one 300-plus pages at 3:09am.  Is anyone else not surprised it passed on Friday night, the slowest news cycle of the week?

I’ll comment further on the economic aspects of this later.


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