NBA Finals

I have to be honest with you, I am a little excited about this one.  I have never been a big professional basketball fan.  I prefer the rivalries and passions of the NCAA but Kobe versus Dwight has interested me enough that I have taken another look at the series and because I have a blog to opine on I am going to make a prediction*.

A prediction I am torn about.  How do you go against Kobe Bryant?  Really, how do you?  The Celtics beat the Lakers last year but Kobe had to compete with Garnett, Pierce, and Allen.  This year it is Howard and Turkoglu.  Not the same.  On the other side I find myself torn over picking against a dominant big man.  If Howard is able to establish himself like he did in Game 6 against the Cavaliers the Lakers will be in a world of hurt.  With Dwight established Turkoglu and Lewis are freed up, making the Lakers more vulnerable.  The uncertainty of victory is definitely the most interesting part of this series.

After 3 different conversations with 3 different guys I make my pick.

Lakers in 7.

*All predictions should be taken with several salt shakers worth of salt.

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