New CAFE Standards – Jared

I have to start writing this paper for American Political Thought with Dr. Watson but I wanted to throw these up for consumption.

Obama's new rules will transform US auto fleet
President to set standards of car emissions
Consumers face higher prices
Safety could suffer

Yea.  Lets uh, bankrupt the auto industry all over again.


3 Responses to New CAFE Standards – Jared

  1. Beer Nuts says:

    Also car prices will increase by 5k and vehicular power will suffer a 40% decrease taking the fun out of driving. Obama says that the US will use 1.8 billion gallons less fuel but what’s the govt. Going to do about the loss in tax revenue? Spend less… I doubt it Gass prices will most likely go up

  2. cowofdoom says:

    So perceptive! You must be related to me somehow.

    An excellent point, though I would be interested to see where you got the $5k and 40% less numbers. And I agree about the loss of tax revenue. I read one time about a town either in the north east or in Canada that required a change in all of the towns light bulbs to CFLs, saving the city tens of thousands of dollars. But the loss of tax revenue hurt the cities bottom line so they raised the taxes on the power consumed to equalize with where revenue had been, effectively negating the money saved effect.

  3. Beer Nuts says:

    it all relates to Europe. all of the car models we share cost about 5k more over there and have 40% less power if you don’t believe me follow this link

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