Keep Your Eyes Peeled – Jared

More stories like this are beginning to crop up. I have seen a few and I cannot off the top of my head remember where or what about.  Unfortunately there is nothing new going on with these ideas.

The mayor of Providence, RI wants to tax college students, or in this case probably the the college students via their universities.  Approximately $150/student is the floated number.  I want to issue a call to governments everywhere in the United States:  learn a lesson from this economic situation.  You cannot expect the economy to always be rosy nor revenue to always grow.  Deficits are the enemy of continued prosperity.

Local governments must take a careful look at their balance sheets as must state organizations and the federal government.  Efficiency is essential to a lean and well oiled machine.  It is inexucable for any government using my money and yours to decide to ask for more at times like this instead of trimming and cutting.  Companies across American are taking this time to become leaner machines.  Our governments should not miss this opportunity.

Cuts should be made before the people are expected to pony up more.


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