The Budget – Jared

When do you know when government is getting out of hand?  When you see a story like this:  $1.84 trillion budget deficit this year.  This is ludicrous you guys.  Do we really need a government in serious debt taking over the health care industry, much less telling doctors what to do?

Let me make an economic analogy similar to the one I recently posted.  There is a lot of money in health care.  Pharmaceuticals, Doctors, HMOs, private insurance, etc.  What does that do?  It draws the best and the brightest and gives them what Alexis de Tocqueville calls a restless energy.  They pursue those goals and in an effort to make money and in turn provide a great service to her customers:  us.  If the government steps in and becomes the only game in town by undercutting all of these companies all of the private ones will flee, dropping the bottom out of American health care leaving us all with long lines, fewer doctors, fewer medications, and fewer medical advances.  Bottom line:  worse off than we were before.

On a lighter note the White House Correspondents Association Dinner was this weekend.  I like funny stuff and President Obama had some funny lines.  What I wasn’t so thrilled about was Wanda Sykes lines about Rush Limbaugh.  First because she stepped out of line and second because David Feherty couldn’t get away with it.  20th hijacker?  Not tasteful.  Obama’s jokes about Rahm and Axelrod, or Toes and Ax if you prefer, were much more tasteful.


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