Unions Make a Comeback – Jared

Or at least they try.  Labor unions will begin to benefit greatly from the Obama administration just as they did under Clinton according to this article.  Labor union membership has been declining since the 1950s and these organizations, as any other bureaucracy, are fighting tooth and nail to keep their power over workers and companies.  A prime example is the United Auto Workers union who has now staked their claim to GM, taking a majority of the stock despite holding only 10% of bonds.  This shift is completely unfair.

How unions are going to again get away with misappropriating union dues can be found here in the Wall Street Journal.  Unions are bad for business and productivity and profit.  Gone are the days when workers were abused wholesale.  Now there are laws and legal precedent in place to defend these workers such that any problem you may have with your employer can be taken to a lawyer.  I work for some of those employment lawyers.

An attorney by nature is a defender of the rights of the oppressed and it is no surprise they have taken a need, protecting employee rights, and turned it into a profitable business.  Unions were an unprofitable way to protect workers but attorneys have found a better way.


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