Foreign Policy – Jared

It has been awhile and I am going to get a nitpicky, but this is really dumb on President Obama’s part.  The British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife come to town and as is the pleasantries of our relationship with the Brits, they bring gifts.  Maybe the Obama’s did not get the memo, but apparently the gifts in return were pretty pathetic.

Now I am not the judge of pathetic and excellent, but as is politics, perception is reality.  So when the British media gets wind of the gifts from the Obama’s (25 DVD’s) the British feel snubbed.  Since they are our closest ally this is a problem.  The British media has already levelled part of the blame on Michelle Obama because of her Princeton thesis which was hidden from view until recently.

Whether this really a snub is not for me to judge but the reality that perception is reality brings back memories of President Obama promising to mend broken fences and heal wounds caused by the “imperialistic” foreign policy of former President Bush.  How unfortunate that the first head of state to visit President Obama is now leaving under a cloud.

One thing I have learned in my American Presidency class is this:  the President is only as good as the information he receives.  It is entirely possible Obama’s staff dropped the ball on this and until we know for sure, I will let it rest with that caveat.


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