The Stimulus Exposed – Jared

I want to talk about the stimulus again.  Sorry.  It is a bad idea and that message needs to get out there.  I have not talked much about why government stimulus is a poor idea for the economy because, quite frankly, the bill has no stimulus in it anyway.  It is full of special projects.  “No way!” you say.  Check this out:

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles.  The best part:  No one has decided what these carts will be used for.

A Stimulus conference was held last night and Republicans were not invited.  Enough of the bipartisanship already.

Family Planning, courtesy of Speaker Pelosi.  I personally, have no idea how this will work.  She seems to think the few the children the less of a burden on the economy.  I wonder what her children and grandchildren think of that.

Not to mention the health care stuff Daschle slipped in.


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