Glenn Beck

Dude is bold!  Holy cow.  Intense.

Emergencies are often used to shove unpopular agenda’s into action by claiming necessity to save the economy, the obese, the poor, those whose banks are failing.  We’re seeing it today, where emotion takes precedent over reason.  We have to think out these actions or they will leave us in an incredible hole.  But that is the goal isn’t it?  Democrats, liberals and their ilk love crisis!  They use fear as a political tactic!  Obama’s campaign wasn’t not a campaign of hope, but one of “if a Republican is elected, you better be scared” repackaged.

Man is bold though.  Truly bold.


One Response to Glenn Beck

  1. cannelle14 says:

    I’ve got to admit, I don’t quite get what Obama’s doing. I suppose I won’t any time soon-when you’re a 15-year old music buff and writer, you don’t usually pay much attention to politics. But anyway, I also want to say that, from the little I saw and the lot I heard, I believe the campaign wasn’t a ‘pick me or else’ kind of thing at all. Obama seemed pretty proactive and he talked about his plans more than McCain’s.

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