Two Executive Orders – Jared

Much to my surprise (hmmm) Barack Obama’s first two executive orders are a little unpopular with the American people.  58% disagree with his decision to allow abortion funding overseas and 50% oppose his decision to close (eventually) “Club Gitmo“, with 44% approving.  His other actions have polled reasonably well.

Both of these are unsurprising moves by the new president and the poll results reveal a possible trend.  Where is America ideologically?  The right, in particular Sean Hannity, has argued the country is center-right, while the left has countered that the election of Barack Obama overwhelmingly (54% to 46%) signifies a trend to the left.

I am no pollster but the trend may be more center-right.  The Gallup poll data above has most of his actions as pretty popular.  The most polarizing issue, abortion, has a much worse number.  Gallup lists 35% approval of his abortion decision.  Does this signify a more center-right country?  Not necessarily, but it hardly lends any credence to the thought that America is moving left.  Where is America today?  Elections are the most common way to tell.  Was the 2008 election a referendum on George W. Bush’s 8 years, or a greater trend away from the GOP and towards the Democratic party?  I think the former may be the stronger argument.


One Response to Two Executive Orders – Jared

  1. The boss says:

    Not to be disrespectful, but Obama is an idiot.

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