Two Nominees, Two Tax Problems – Jared

Barack Obama’s friends have a problem.  A problem with paying taxes.  First the Treasury Secretary nominee (cute, the guy to run the budget and collect taxes cannot pay his own) and now the Health and Human Services nominee, former Senator Tom Daschle, just paid a crap load ($144,000) in back taxes for a limo and driver and there may be more.

There are many things to learn from this.  I want to delve into the mindset of someone who, like Daschle assuredly did, wanted to return to politics after being unseated.  Why do you not pay your taxes if you think you have a shot at returning to the national spotlight?  You have to be one arrogant man or woman to think (or in Daschle’s case, know) you can get back in when you fail to do something every single American must do.  If Daschle isn’t paying his taxes, why should I?  I mean, really?  He is a public servant as such is held, or should be held, to a higher standard because the money I have worked hard to earn ends up in his pocket.

The arrogance of this action blows my mind.  For President Obama to support this is incredibly shocking!  Ok, maybe not.  The guy is still a Democrat and their reputation is no more gleaming than the GOPs, but two nominees for cabinet positions who do not pay their taxes is an incredible stretch.  Has Obama paid his taxes?  I’m serious.  You judge someone by the company they keep and the unveiling of Obama’s friends is a sterling picture into the man’s mind.

I firmly believe neither of these men should be allowed into office.  This goes to show that in politics it is not your ideas that make you, but who you know.  Former Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle is a shoe-in because the Senate approves nominations and he still has buddies in place.  Timothy Geithner has already been approved.  So much for a cleaner administration.  This one may indeed be messier.

Update: Daschle has withdrawn his nomination.  Tax problems catching up with the new President now.


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