El Rushbo Continued – Jared

As I have previously mentioned, Rush Limbaugh has become a target of President Obama, the Democratic Party, and liberals in America.  James Carville is the most recent.

He writes from the hallowed pages of CNN.com, a great bastion of liberal bias.  I point this out because in his article Carville takes Rush Limbaugh to task for writing his own stimulus plan in the pages of the Wall Street Journal, “the acknowledged epicenter of right-wing thoughtaccording to Carville.

He claims in the column that if the Rush principle, stimulus money divied between Obama’s projects and Rush’s wants, had been applied during the Bush administration’s tenure, that the US would be in a utopian state!  No Iraq, no credit crunch, recession, and the No Child Left Behind act would be fully funded.

NCLB and the Department of Education is to bloated and funded it is ridiculous.  $111,000 is spent per child on average from 1st grade through High School according to the Heritage Foundation.  Iraq has been successful, and the bill to allow for the invasion of Iraq passed the House and Senate with tons of Democrats voting in favor, including Carville’s vaunted Hillary Clinton.


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