Openness? – Jared

President Obama campaigned diligently on the idea of openness and listening to other ideas.  Unfortunately twice this week he has shown his willingness to ignore those ideas.  First, he triumphantly told the GOP that “I won” when presented with the GOP’s alternative to his $1 trillion dollar stimulus package.  His latest shot:  Listening to Rush Limbaugh will not help Republicans get along with Democrats and the new administration.  So much for allowing other ideas to be present in his administration.

Obama’s political maneuvering has been impressive to say the least since he began running for president 4 years ago.  The things he said would please Machiavelli very much as perception becomes more important than reality.

Funny how this came out after Rush Limbaugh’s show went off the air on Friday….


2 Responses to Openness? – Jared

  1. ngoldfarb says:

    Obama has set new records for what a President Elect can accomplish between getting elected and his first week in office.

    But it is not what the Main Stream Media wants you to think.

    PS I like your blog. Care to exchange blogroll links? If yes put a comment on my blog including the link to you.

    Love ya! Nancy

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