Gitmo Detainee Rejoins al-Qaida – Jared

One of President Obama’s first acts was to order the closing within one year of Guantanamo Naval Base prison for enemy combatants.  I have a radically different view from the new president on how to deal with captured enemies.  Regardless of where they are kept, they should not be allowed trial in a US court, they are not US citizens, nor should they be kept anywhere on American soil for the safety of our own citizens.  I think Cuba is a great place for these people.

But the new number 2 for the organization “al-Qaida of the Arabian Peninsula” is a former Gitmo detainee. Prisoner number 372 according to the organization’s web site.

The decision of President Obama understandably angers the families of victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks.  Where will these terrorist soldiers go when Barack Obama releases them?  Back to the battlefield and into enemy leadership spots as prisoner 372 just did is a reality I would rather not have to face.


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