Hypocrisy – Jared

Barack Obama has taken office, retaken the oath he and Justice Roberts bungled, and already begun to go back on his promises.  Hypocrisy is a more fitting term for this particular instance.

Obama’s administration has already issued an executive order placing strict anti-lobbying rules for employees in his administration, including limiting gifts, how quickly one can move from public service to a lobbying firm, and moving from lobbying an official position.  Obama’s campaign of executive transparency has begun.

Or so we thought.  Two “exceptions” to this rule have already emerged.  Let us think of them as “privileged persons“.  These persons are William J. Lynn III, Obama’s pick to be number 2 at the Pentagon and until a few days ago a registered Pentagon lobbyist, and William Corr, tapped to be number 2 and the Department of Health and Human Services was an anti-tobacco lobbyist for the same department.  The response from the Obama Administration:  “Our waiver provisions are designed to allow uniquely qualified individuals like Bill Corr and Bill Lynn to serve the public interest in these critical times.”

But on Wednesday Obama said this:  “If you are a lobbyist entering my administration, you will not be able to work on matters you lobbied on, or in the agencies you lobbied, during the previous two years.” So much for a break from “business as usual”.

This is a very disappointing beginning for a much heralded and highly anticipated administration.  It seems that business as usual in Washington may also include hypocrisy.  Transparency and openness for the Obama administration may simply require you to know he lied to you, not for him to actually keep his word.  I don’t particularly appreciate being lied to.


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