Israel Invades Gaza – Jared

Worldwide news update:  Israel has put boots on the ground in Gaza.  Israel has mobilized thousands of reservists to play a role in the ground assualt.

Clearly there are many reasons for Israel to make moves into Gaza and plenty of reasons to stay out of Gaza but the Israeli Security Council has deemed this a necessary action to secure Israeli civilians from Hamas’ rocket attacks.  One thing to keep in mind:  Israel is engaged in a self-defense action.  Hamas claims their rocket attacks are self-defensive in nature as well.  Both sides are engaged in some Machavellian maneuvering.

Israel has to be careful during this operation after what happened in Lebanon in 2006.  The Israeli leadership knows this as well.  A good operation will be quick and deadly, reestablishing Israeli military supremacy and dealing serious damage to Hamas’ terrorist activities and infrastructure.

Some wonder if Barack Obama’s pending inaguration has anything to do with the invasion.  Will Barack Obama’s administration pull US support of aggressive Israeli action?  Will that matter to Israel anyway?


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