The Latest In Gaza – Jared

Beginning earlier this week Israel launched retaliatory strikes against Hamas in the Gaza Strip following the conclusion of a six month cease fire.  After 6 months of “peace”, Hamas restarted the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by restarting her rocket barrages on Israel.  

The beginning anew of this latest conflict is just another small chapter in the Arab-Israeli and now Palestianian-Israeli conflicts dating back to 1948.  One thing I have learned as a Political Science major is how political powers have to keep their people happy to stay in power.  Hamas made the transition to a political power when they wrested power from the Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority in Gaza in 2007.  

Hamas thrives on conflict with Israel and their views can only survive as long the Palestianian-Israeli relationship is racked with violence.  Their radical views keep the Palestinian people in poverty and dependent on foreign aid from the UN among others.  If peace reigns the Palestinians will wonder why they are impoverished while Israel flourishes and will turn those questions on their political leaders, Hamas.

Hamas’ authority cannot survive in peaceful times.  Renewed war with Israel was inevitable upon the end of the cease fire.  A radical leadership in the government of the Palestinians, be it Hamas, Hezbollah, or any other group, will continue the war against Israel.  Peace in the Middle East cannot occur without a peaceful authority on both sides.  The world awaits a truly peaceful Palestinian leadership.


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