Christians in Africa – Jared

Africa, the Dark Continent, the land of slaves, slavers, David Livingstone, and the setting for Zulu.  Also a land of oppression from Mugabe, redemption through Mandela, and a breeding ground for AIDS.  

Why Africa is where it is and how to save them I do not know (I lean towards some capitalism, free markets, and Jesus) but I found this piece very interesting.  Matthew Parris from the Times has renewed faith in Africa’s hopes through the work of “people of faith”.  They have movitation and though he does not always want to admit to it, they do great good.  

Apparently the faith that drives these people (he is speaking particularly of Christians) is irrevelant to the cause they promote.  I have to disagree.  The love Christ brings is unique and Parris sees this but completely disconnects it from Christ.  Without Christ, nothing would be happening in Africa along the lines he promotes.  

Christ is the center of everything, our world, our hope, and the good going down in Africa.  Parris would do well to realize how connected the secular actions and the saving Christ are.  

Sidebar:  meeting someone’s physical needs is as essential to sharing Christ’s love as meeting someone’s spiritual needs.


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