Global Warming!!! – Jared

According to the Telegraph, 2008 was a really bad year for global warming.  Something about wiping out the temperature gains of the 20th century.  You know, not a big deal for the environmentalists out there. 

And Labour is morally corrupt.  Pity.


Response:  In the face of such accusations, I want to respond a little academically. First, to hesop asima, The London Telegraph was not the only paper. Check out this list of sources who commented on this so called “global warming/cooling”. Note that opinions of the articles vary, but so goes the debate over global warming.

Boston Herald
Real Clear Politics
Fox News
US Senate  (This last link lists numerous other news organizations who reported on this story through the year)

John Carr, the long run remains to be seen. The scientific community is hardly in agreement either, as these scientists from a “unanimous scientific community” disagree.  The problem is global warming is exploited politically way to often by the media and politicians.  From that the reader can draw his own conclusions.


4 Responses to Global Warming!!! – Jared

  1. Tilly says:

    Haha. Jared I was just about to post this up…way to beat me to it. 🙂

  2. John Carr says:

    this doesn’t mean global warming isn’t a real threat to human civilization in the long run. But hey, you’re stubborn republicans…liberals can do no right in your guys’s eyes…You guys know everything…especially when it comes to voting in good candidates…Sarah Palin really has what it takes!

  3. hesop asima says:

    This is ********! I like how you had to go all the way to England for this!!! That’s the only paper in the world that wrote such a thing….consider the source dumb *****

    post edited for content

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