Television and Unhappiness – Jared

Time for a random cultural excursion into the depths of American entertainment, psychology, and love.  Maybe not love so much.  

But regardless, television is a staple in American society.  Yet the effects of television are generally regarded as having negative effects from excessive use.  ADHD is listed as a side effect of television viewing at to early an age and excessive viewing at any age has been linked to obesity.

My personal favorite is how much you can learn about someone based on their television viewing.  Unhappy people watch more television than those who are happy.  It also pushes aside more beneficial activities such as reading and exercise, among others.

So, how much do you watch?


One Response to Television and Unhappiness – Jared

  1. Sara says:

    You can also learn a lot about someone not by their tv watching but by how busy someone is. People who do a lot and try not to have a lot of down time try to forget the crap life throws at you by trying to preoccupy themsleves with pointless activites.

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