Gay Marriage and the Bible – Jared

Newsweek’s Lisa Miller recently wrote an article entitled Gay Marriage:  Our Mutual Joy.  Now, curiously enough, I wondered if it was possible for Newsweek to get it right, but I was mistaken.  Lisa Miller totally misses the mark.

As an interesting sidenote, I had a discussion about the Bible, Christians, and the rights of man with a fellow student a couple of weeks ago that started with gay marriage.  He took a similar position to the one Lisa Miller and Keith Olbermann took:  its all about love.

God’s love clearly is not good enough.  Dr. Dockery responded to this Newsweek article in the Tennessee Baptist & Reflector (I’ll hold my Baptist newspaper jokes for later) taking issue, correctly, with Lisa Miller’s conclusions.  I strongly recommend you check it out.  Dr. Dockery is right on.


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