The Return of Tilly

So I have just completed the most stressful semester of my life.  Because of the ridiculous amount of papers I have had to write on top of the senior thesis, I have had no time to blog.  I think Jared has 22 posts since my last one.  But for your pleasure, the one and only Nathan Tilly is back.  For now, I will simply offer a bit to catch you up on what i think about the current happenings I havent got to blog on…

AL Franken is going to steal the election in Minnesota and that infuriates me, though as Jared just pointed out to me, no one can embarrass the Democrats like Franken.  So in the long run it could be a good thing.

My nightmare has not ended…Obama is still going to be President of the United States.

Gray flew in yesterday which means the next few days are going to be filled with craziness. whoop!

Giving automakers 17.4 BILLION dollars is a terrible idea.

The Dark Knight is still one of the best movies ever made.

Can I just say I was really happy when I heard they arrested that crook of a governor in Illinois.

President Bush is a heck of a shoe dodger.

The Steelers are going to dominate the Titans on Sunday.


2 Responses to The Return of Tilly

  1. Nathan Williams says:

    Welcome back Tilly…I also took a few weeks of from blogging and also am excited to be back on the scene.
    Correction .. The titans are not only going to win this sunday but they will DOMINATE

  2. John Emerson says:

    No one has brought forward any evidence of fraud in Minnesota. It’s just a very close election, and one guy has to lose.

    Coleman never was the winner. No one will be declared a winner until the automatic recount (required by law) is over. That’s what recounts are for.

    Some difficult questions are going to the courts. That’s what the courts are for.

    Both sides are fighting to the end, and that’s as it should be.

    People should not make fact-free accusations just because their candidate lost. (And we still don’t know who is going to win, any more than we did two days ago.)

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