The Other American Auto Industry – Jared

I have learned a lot about the  South since I started school at Union University.  The cultural differences are surprising at times and hilarious during others.  All and all it has been a fantastic experience.  Much to my surprise I have found a large degree of economic difference.  Much more rural, lots of farms, plenty of podunk little towns, you know.  

One thing, is the existence of another American automobile industry.  What?! Someone other than the Big 3 makes cars in America?  Quite right.  Fred Barnes points this out well here, and this Newsweek article points out the existence of a Kentucky factory.  And of course, the foreign papers do not miss it at all as the International Herald Tribune shows Alabama has been getting into the act.  Guys, the auto industry is not dying, nor is it dead.  It is merely changing hands.  Competition is good.


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