A little Obama Commentary – Jared

Alright, the Illinois governor Blagojevich has tried to sell Obama’s old senate seat and got caught.  Obama link?  Not likely.  Possible.  Sure.  Do I think so?  Gut reaction, no.  Obama just got elected.  I do not think he is dumb enough to try something so early.  He has not had much power, so I do not imagine his head has been corrupted yet.

But how has he handled the situation?  Andrea Tantaros made her commentary about it and I have to agree with her.  Obama needed to be more forceful initially.  And expressing anger through a spokesman is no where near as powerful.   This is Obama’s first major test and he is barely passing.  The media will jump on him soon if he is not careful.  

Obama controlled the message well as a Presidential candidate, and with this has done a poor job.  If this is his way of supporting his party members, ok, but his party will start running wild with corruption while he is President and it will reflect poorly on him.  I fully expect Obama to pull the message together but the media smells blood.


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