Illinois Governors – Jared

I wanted to let this story pan out a bit before I commented, but it is truly getting big time news.  The Governor of Illinios, Rod Blagojevich, and his chief of staff have been charged with trying to sell the Illinois Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama

As a former resident of Illinois and citizen of a suburb south of Chicago seeing this corruption is no surprise.  Mayor Daley, current and former, are both rumored to be up to their eyes in corrupt proceedings and Springfield has been no different.  4 of the last 7 governors have been arrested and 3 have been jailed.  Quite the reputation.  I was still living in the state when former Governor George Ryan was dealing with charges. 

Quite the reputation Illinois is building with her governors.  I think he needs to resign, but I find the situation ironic.  Blagojevich was elected on the heels of corruption charges of former Governor Ryan.  Blagojevich won because his opponent just happened to have the last name Ryan!  Just like Representative Mark Foley’s successor, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Update: Word on the street is that one of the potential candidates offered $1 million for the Senate seat.  Jesse Jackson Jr. is the rumored figure.


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  1. gailcandy says:

    Want to exchange links?

    I like your blog.

    We are losing human rights along with the bailouts that do not work right now in the USA with a new dictatorship

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