What Mumbai Proves – Jared

If you have been watching the news at all over this Thanksgiving Break in the United States you have noticed what has been going down in Mumbai, India.  A handful of terrorists attacked several locations in the city, taking hostages and killing indescriminately.  The 60 hour ordeal is over now and I have refrained on commenting in it until now.  I am thankful the Indian police and military were able to quickly get the necessary troops and police into position.  Reports are that the commandoes involved, called Marcos in India, have not had a moment’s rest since the operation started, but have now successfully ended all carnage.

What is clear here, again, is that 9/11 was not an isolated event we all need to forget about.  This event was planned with some degree of sophistication and knowledge of the terrain.  This event is not an isolated one by any means.

Americans were finally brought into the know about worldwide terrorist activities in 1993 and even more cataclysmically in 2001.  How this operation has stunned people has led me to believe that we have forgotten the images of the World Trade Center burning.  Just because we got al-Qaeda to run from Afghanistan and deposed a dictator in Iraq by no means guarantees our safety.

We have to remain vigiliant as President Bush is so fond of saying and we have to remain so till the end.  An operation such as this could have been carried out in my current town of Jackson, TN with no problem.  New York, Chicago, Tracy, CA, LA, there are so many opportunities for striking.  Let this be a reminder of the determination and cunning our enemies possess.  Let us not forget what 9/11 taught us about the world.


One Response to What Mumbai Proves – Jared

  1. Sriram says:

    I live in Mumbai and the places attacked are quite prominent landmarks for us. One of the places is central train station where people disembark to get to work including me.

    You are right in saying that these events are not isolated. This is terrorism and affects all and can hit us all at any time.

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